Seminar Focus at ELEX Coventry 2018: How to Become a Smart Home Installer

Seminar Focus at ELEX Coventry 2018: How to Become a Smart Home Installer

Homeowners are upscaling their properties to benefit from the latest smart home systems, and they need someone to install these for them.

Proactive and market-conscious electricians can benefit from this upsurge in business and AWE is here to help.

AWE is the leading UK distributor of home technology products. With over 80 years in business, AWE is a one-stop shop that provides electrical contractors with the building blocks to create the perfect smart home. This includes training, access to a great range of products, technical services and support and a demonstration facility.


The smart home is a massive opportunity that cannot be ignored, but electricians need to understand the user benefits of the smart home products they are selling as a connected system, and how these devices may or may not connect with one another. Knowing at least a moderate level of networking and being knowledgeable is of paramount importance.  Not all these consumer devices are without shortcomings and working within a customer’s home requires trust and professionalism to protect both reputation and profitability.

This is where training is important for electricians. AWE’s Smart Home Academy covers a range of courses, including CEDIA Training, Foundation Workshops, Lighting Control System Design and Programming, Single and Whole House Control, and HDMI & 4K Video Distribution. These courses provide valuable insight. The full training programme can be viewed, and booked, via


Consumers are looking at smart home products and most surveys show a willingness to buy but a lack of knowledge. The products are affordable and promoted in the mainstream media, but consumers are looking to people in the know for help. So, it’s important to be informed on all systems, including multi-room audio, home cinema and home control, as well as retrofit automated window shading, door entry and surveillance. Just speak to ourselves, start where you are comfortable and go from there.

AWE provides access to leading products from internationally renowned manufacturers. These include simple and advance home control solutions from URC, projectors from Epson, projection screens from Draper, installation speakers from Definitive Technology and Kinetik, QMotion automated blinds, recessed power sockets from Syncbox, and 4K HDMI distribution from HDAnywhere.


Products need to be displayed in a real life set up for customers to fully understand how these systems can work in their home. Therefore, a demo facility is a must. At AWE, we provide you with a whole home demo facility. AWE’s dedicated show apartment, two cinema rooms, music listening room and product showroom showcase the latest products and installation techniques is open to electricians and their customers by appointment.


To find out more, attend the AWE ‘Defining Smart Home’ seminar at 12.15 – 12.45 on 20th and 21st September.

James Drummie, Product Manager at AWE will provide a brief overview of smart home technologies, audio and video distribution plus automation & control. He will talk you through various connected systems that can be incorporated into a smart home, and will take a look at entertainment systems and control / automation solutions which truly make the home smart rather than simply connected.


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