Trade Direct Insurance Reveals Your Dreams

Trade Direct Insurance Reveals Your Dreams

The dreams and aspirations of the nation’s tradespeople have been uncovered by Trade Direct Insurance.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that your local tradesperson wants nothing more in life than a strong cup of tea while he works – maybe with a biscuit on the side. However it looks like that may not be the case. According to a recent survey from Trade Direct Insurance, UK tradespeople are more interested in living life to the full and dreaming big… in some cases really big.

Starting with their childhood years, when asked about their dream job:

  • 17% dreamt of sports stardom
  • 10% longed to be a singer or musician
  • 8% were shooting for the stars as an astronaut
  • 3% longed to be a Pirate

Moving on to superpowers, the ability to fly led the way with over 30% dreaming of taking to the skies, 24% would have the power of invisibility, 23% chose super strength and of all the options available 1% wanted to be able to walk through walls.

Looking at the work-life balance of our tradespeople, over half work four to five days per week, 34% work six days and a very lucky 43 customers only work one to three days each week. When asked how long it takes them to get to work in the morning 58% make it in under 30 minutes. 15% go further afield with an average one hour to work but that’s nothing compared to the two hours or more by a dedicated 2% of customers.

“Stereotypes have been broken through our exposé survey, revealing just how diverse a group our nation’s tradespeople really are.”

After working hard, our thoughts turned to holidays. Sadly 14% of tradespeople said they never get away, 40% go on one annual holiday which pales in comparison to the 8% that get away over four times each year. Beach getaways topped the list of preferred holidays, 6% opt to take to the slopes whilst 15% prefer to escape on a city break to soak up some culture.

With life lived to the full, when asked about their Hollywood style ending their adventurous sides were exposed:

  • 25% would go out in a rubber burning car chase
  • 12% would like a Butch Cassidy style gun battle
  • 11% are hoping the force is with them in a lightsaber duel
  • And just 5 customers opted to be eaten by a shark

Rob Rees, Director at Trade Direct, commented on the findings. “Our tradespeople are definitely dedicated to their jobs and live life to the max,” he said. “They work hard and play hard and when it comes to the crunch they know just how they would like to meet their maker. Stereotypes have been broken through our exposé survey, revealing just how diverse a group our nation’s tradespeople really are.”

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