Understanding grief and getting the support you need with EIC

Understanding grief and getting the support you need with EIC

Within the UK there are more than 100,000 hospital admissions yearly due to heart attacks, that’s one admission every five minutes. 1.4 million people living within the UK have survived a heart attack but 450 people every day die from a heart attack. Becca, a generation and renewables employee of almost 30 years, contacted the Electrical Industries Charity after the sudden loss of her husband.

Becca and her husband had been married for 37 years and although they both enjoyed an alcoholic beverage and weekly date night dinner out; they led a healthy lifestyle. They had four young grandchildren and a dog which kept them active. While at home with their two children Becca’s husband Steve suffered a heart attack and although paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes Steve sadly passed away.

Becca and her children had seen Steve pass and understandably they were all traumatised by their sudden loss. Becca contacted the Electrical Industries Charity support team in shock and was extremely distressed. The Charity welfare team discussed the different support options available to Becca. To support Becca and help her process the unexpected loss of her husband the Electrical Industries Charity worked with Becca to source and fund a bereavement counsellor to support her and try to ease her distress.

Becca received 10 therapy sessions which were supportive but challenging as Becca was still in the early stages of grief. Becca since feels better equipped to cope with her still very raw loss. Her children are too coming to terms with the loss of their father and are working with Becca to try and get through this really tough period. The Charity welfare team and Becca remain in contact and Becca understands that should she need additional support the charity can help to source more therapy or signpost her to other organisations.

Sudden loss is one of life’s biggest shocks and has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Dealing with feelings of grief, distress and shock is extremely challenging. The Electrical Industries Charity can help to support you through life’s challenges. If you need support please contact support@electricalcharity.org or call 0800 652 1618.

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