Vent-Axia Wins at Building Communities Awards

Vent-Axia Wins at Building Communities Awards

Ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer Vent-Axia has won the Innovative Product award for its Lo-Carbon Revive at the EEM Building Communities Awards 2019.

The Lo-Carbon Revive is an intelligent filter-less fan designed specifically for the social housing sector, and the company received the accolade at the Athena in Leicester on February 15th, 2019.

Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia, commented on the win: “We are absolutely thrilled the Lo-Carbon Revive has been recognised at the prestigious Building Communities Awards.

“Our new and improved Revive offers even greater flexibility for installers and residents and is the ideal ventilation solution for social housing.

“Low maintenance, reliable, near silent, quick and easy to install, with a range of options to personalise the settings and powerful enough to remove moist air, all help ensure good indoor air quality and a healthy home.”

The Lo-Carbon Revive has a host of improved design features that ensure it continues to meet the specific needs of social housing.

Boasting powerful, quiet and efficient ventilation, it now includes an adjustable trickle speed option, an interchangeable intermittent mode and smoother humidity boost transition.

Installers can quickly and easily select from a range of options, giving bespoke solutions where performance or noise are key.

Plus, Revive’s Multi-Vortex technology can powerfully but quietly remove moisture and stale air, helping to ensure good indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort for residents.

All Revive fans are made from recyclable ABS plastic, but the Lo-Carbon Revive is helping to further reduce plastic waste as they are designed in individual modular components that can all be replaced separately – removing the need to replace the whole fan unit in case of a fault.

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