Ventilation a vital step to gyms reopening in Government COVID-19 guidance

Ventilation a vital step to gyms reopening in Government COVID-19 guidance

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently changing its stance and suggesting “the possibility of aerosol transmission” of COVID-19 in indoor crowded spaces, such as fitness classes, ventilation has further risen up the agenda as an essential means to mitigate transmission of the virus inside. Following a further easing of lockdown restrictions, gyms and sports facilities reopened on 25thth July. However, reopening businesses need to seriously evaluate their ventilation to ensure it works effectively and does not under-ventilate which is critical to reduce airborne transmission of COVID-19.

Within the ventilation section of the new gym guidance ‘Air extraction and ventilation measures’ it states that ventilation into the building should be optimised ensuring a fresh air supply is provided to all areas of a facility and increased wherever possible. With higher intensity exercise increasing the risk of transmission of the virus it is advised to give particular attention to these areas.

In addition, the guidelines advise ventilation systems should also provide 100% fresh air with no recirculation of air from one space to another.

There are a number of ventilation options for businesses keen to improve their ventilation and indoor air quality. The company has a vast amount of experience supplying ventilation to gyms and sports facilities with its T-Series extract fan particularly popular, ACM inline fans, and its Sentinel Totus² Demand Energy Recovery Ventilation system (D-ERV).

With over 80 years of ventilation experience, Vent-Axia is committed to public health by improving indoor air quality and so creating a healthy environment. For gyms and sports facilities who are unsure about whether their ventilation is adequate or need expert advice Vent-Axia’s technical Support Team is available for advice on 0344 856 0594.

Vent-Axia is also issuing a free COVID-AWARE window sticker with every T-Series purchase to help re-assure customers when gyms re-open. For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia visit the website here.


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