Vestel and Electric Miles Forge Alliance to Empower UK eMobility Solutions

Vestel and Electric Miles Forge Alliance to Empower UK eMobility Solutions

In the latest step to drive EV rollout in the UK, Vestel UK has partnered with B2B SaaS company Electric Miles for its installer, fleet and consumer EV charger software and app technology.

Vestel’s UK EV charger division has formed a strategic partnership with dedicated EV software provider, Electric Miles. The move sees end-user Electric Miles EV charger control software integrated with Vestel chargers and enables Vestel to offer a whole ecosystem of effective charger control and management options to its installers, fleet customers and charge point operators.

Electric Miles brings to the table a suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses transitioning to electric mobility. The suite includes, Electric Miles the driver app, bringing to the table all EV tariff integration along with full solar capabilities, Installer Miles, easy to use commissioning app designed for Installers, and Admin Miles, aimed at operations and fleet managers as well as teams supporting multiple charge points and customers that also require remote charger management.

Comments, Ali Khan, Head of e-Mobility at Vestel: “We are excited to partner with Electric Miles to deliver innovative EV charger software and apps for our entire Vestel EV charger customer portfolio from residential end users to fleet operators and CPOs. Together, we are committed to driving the adoption of electric mobility by offering affordable, efficient, sustainable, and user-centric charging solutions.”

Arun Anand, CEO of Electric Miles, added, “Partnering with Vestel, one of Europe’s largest EV charger manufacturers, further establishes Electric Miles as the UK leader in EV charging software and control. As EV numbers increase, there is a growing need for software that can automatically time shift EV electricity demand to protect the grid and minimize customer energy costs, as well as offering flexible charger management and reporting for commercial users. We are looking forward to working with Vestel to embed these solutions across its EV charger portfolio.”

Electric Miles will be built into residential-focused variants of Vestel’s forthcoming Libra EV charger, giving users a friendly, easy-to-use control app from installation. Installer Miles and Admin Miles will feature across Vestel’s commercial chargers, from smaller units designed for SMEs to its full commercial rapid and DC chargers hitting the UK later this year.

With Vestel’s Turkish factory offering a production capacity of over 700,000 EV charging units per year alongside the brands enviable reputation for value and reliability, the Electric Miles partnership will underpin Vestel’s continued growth in the UK EV charger market.

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