A bright spot in a tight spot | ToughBuilt unveils new illuminated box levels

A bright spot in a tight spot | ToughBuilt unveils new illuminated box levels

ToughBuilt’s rugged line of lit magnetic box levels raises the bar on portable precision.

ToughBuilt Industries serves professional trades with exceptional products that feature innovative designs. The company continuously strives to surpass expectations, proactively identify solutions before issues arise, and engineer premium tools that set new standards in technological capabilities.

ToughBuilt’s latest product releases in Europe include a full range of spirit levels, including a robust collection of illuminated box levels that offer exceptional visibility, a die-cast pocket level with a 360-degree rotation, and a sturdy billet-aluminum torpedo level. These purpose-built tools enhance ease of use and disrupt traditional home improvement designs with superior innovation and quality.

The Pro Line of Lit Levels adheres to strict standards to ensure clear readings in tight spaces or low-light conditions. They boast a foolproof one-button user interface and innovative design features. Brilliant LED-lit vials remain visible in low-light environments, providing sustained clarity throughout the workday. With powerful rare-earth magnets, ToughBuilt’s Lit Box Levels can securely attach to ferromagnetic surfaces, delivering the reliable positioning professionals need in any environment.

ToughBuilt’s Magnetic Billet Level is a versatile tool with a securing top groove that can be used on pipes or conduits. Precision-milled edges and a high-contrast ruler surface ensure legibility, while four onboard high-visibility vials are precision-set at zero, thirty, forty-five, and ninety degrees. The 360-Degree Pocket Level has become a favorite among home improvement influencers and site managers, delivering unrivaled accuracy and performance on the job site. Weighing just seven ounces, it’s ideal for portability and quick access. With a smooth, rotating vial, powerful rare-earth magnets, and a durable die-cast frame, ToughBuilt’s pocket level allows for easy angle identification and simple, one-handed operation with the flick of a thumb.

This professional-grade lineup of levels delivers exceptional quality to builders, plumbers, electricians, and tradespeople, providing accuracy and craftsmanship to large and small projects for years to come. ToughBuilt continues to establish itself as a legacy brand in the trades, earning a reputation for excellence with every product release.

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