ALL LED Smart-E Smart Junction Box | Top Product Award 2022

ALL LED Smart-E Smart Junction Box | Top Product Award 2022

At the cutting edge of lighting control, the iQ innovative lighting control system allows users to retain control of everything smart at their fingertips whilst remaining fully retrofit.

Quite literally, this system allows you to keep all existing light switches, while making all your lighting smart. The Smart-E Smart Junction Box is one of the most useful and innovative products. Designed in the UK to replace the standard junction box, the Smart-E contains push terminals and a hand operated cable clamp with ample room for wiring.

The innovative, clean and crisp design which contains technology patented by All LED also fits through a 55mm spotlight hole. It is a fully retrofit solution which works with all existing wiring and provides hop and mesh technology. There’s no need to lose your light switches – the iQ system works with everything already in place, allowing users to manually override the system without killing power to the module. Additionally, iQ is incredibly user friendly where it can be programmed from the light switch, or simply by asking a smart home hub system like Alexa to do the hard work for you.



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