Ansell Lighting unveils Pace PLUS efficient Backlit LED Panel

Ansell Lighting unveils Pace PLUS efficient Backlit LED Panel

Delivering a market leading 180lm/w, (lumens per watt) Pace PLUS is the most efficient backlit LED panel light available on the market.

Newly developed by Ansell Lighting, it is an innovative luminaire designed for educational, commercial and ancillary buildings and offers a choice of 3 power selectable outputs – 11.5W, 13.5W and 17W, all in one luminaire.

UGR<19 compliant, the 600×600 Pace PLUS assists in the elimination of glare, providing visual comfort for building occupants, emitting a cool white, 4000k CCT. Easy to install in shallow ceiling voids, it also features a slimline design and is TPa as standard.

Whilst already market-leading in its efficiency, Pace PLUS is also available with a range of options and accessories designed to harness further energy savings. Options include OCTO Smart Control and Digital Dimming, whilst the luminaire is also compatible with Panel Pod Sensor Pod which converts it into microwave sensor operation. Pace PLUS can also be used with Panel Pod Emergency Pod which converts it instantly and easily into an emergency light.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Pace PLUS is the ideal solution for organisations seeking to reduce energy use and cost. As a stand-alone product, it delivers the highest efficiency of any backlit LED panel on the market, something that can be enhanced further with the addition of technical options such as OCTO which give control of operation and use.”

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