Apprenticeship White Paper Released

Apprenticeship White Paper Released

An industry white paper has been launched to rally the electrical sector to make positive steps towards improving the way it attracts, trains and retains young people.

Launched to coincide with the 10th annual National Apprenticeship Week, the white paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of current apprenticeships, routes to learning and how the industry can attract the talent it needs for the future.

The white paper was written by Malcolm Duncan, Managing Director at Super Rod, as a follow-up to the industry roundtable hosted by Super Rod in Coventry last September, which was attended by people from all sectors of the industry. The easy-to-read and free to download study is a collection of the views and ideas discussed on the night, and will open the apprenticeships debate up to more people.

Malcolm said: “As a manufacturer and employer in the electrical industry, I see first-hand the need for more bright, young people who have the skills and aptitude to keep up with the increasing complexity of our business and the pace technology is advancing.

“To attract these people, we need to promote our industry and the diverse and exciting career opportunities we can offer. Getting apprenticeships right is very much part of how we can achieve this and why I’m pushing for more industry discussion on this topic, leading to real and lasting changes.”

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