C.K Magma | Test Case Scenario

C.K Magma | Test Case Scenario

With the launch of its new Test Equipment Case, C.K Magma explains why contractors can spend more energy on their customers and less time searching for tools.

Saving time on tools leaves more time for excellent customer service, which is just as important as the job in hand. Running a diagnostic test is the first opportunity for a tradesman to prove that they have the skills and expertise to do the job. Efficiency and knowledge will leave a lasting impression on the customer who, with little knowledge of the trade, is not looking at how the electrics are tested, just that they’re fixed.

Lasting impression
Customer satisfaction inevitably leads to recommendations and future work. The UK Customer Satisfaction Index 2017 showed that customers take into consideration professionalism, efficiency, timeliness, trust and reputation when considering their experience.

Showing up with a bulky toolbox and wasting time searching for the few tools needed for the job gives an impression that a tradesman is disorganised and unprofessional. A customer wants to be assured that the job is being done efficiently and organisation is key.

Having the necessary tools at hand for such a common job would save time, effort and money, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Ensuring tools are organised and ready means there is more time to focus on the customer, explaining the job, if necessary, and building vital relationships.

Gap in the market
Until now, there has been no universal solution for storing and transporting both test meters and tools. After conducting extensive research into how electricians store and transport test equipment, C.K Magma noticed a gap in the market, and has developed the C.K Magma Test Equipment Case as a convenient solution to the problem.

An industry first, the new C.K Magma Test Equipment Case allows electricians to carry diagnostic testing equipment and a selection of essential tools in one handy case, enhancing its already popular range of premium tool storage options.

The new product is the first of its kind to feature made-to-measure storage for both a test meter and toolkit, removing the inconvenience of having to transport them separately.

Charles Whitfield, Product Development Manager at C.K Magma, says: “We work closely with a dedicated group of professional tradesmen to create products that meet their working needs. Feedback revealed a need for a single solution to transport a diagnostic testing kit and a small selection of essential tools, without having to carry their full toolkit.

“The new C.K Magma Test Equipment Case is a direct result of this process and has been well received by electricians.”

C.K Magma-Test-Equipment-Case

Safe storage
Featuring rubber feet and adjustable padded compartments, the case provides durable, safe storage for testing equipment, plus a separate top compartment for storing necessary tools and accessories.

27 easily accessible pockets, including a handy documentation holder, mean technicians can now carry all the fundamental tools and documents for diagnostic testing without the need for any separate boxes, cases or bags.

The padded shoulder strap makes it convenient and comfortable to hold while carrying out equipment testing. As well as comfort, C.K Magma also kept security in mind, adding a lockable zip system to protect expensive tools.

For further information visit: www.ck-magma.com

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