Case Study – Photon Energy installs state-of-the-art tech at housing development in Cardiff

Case Study – Photon Energy installs state-of-the-art tech at housing development in Cardiff

Photon Energy have successfully installed solar PV directly coupled with battery storage systems on three new properties at a ground-breaking new housing development in Canton, Cardiff.

The development – built by Lovell – will revitalise 53 acres of brownfield land at the former Arjo Wiggins Paper Mill site, with a community of homes that are close to Cardiff city centre.

Each of the three properties was equipped with 12 300Wp Viridian Clearline Fusion solar panels connected to a 5kWh sonnenBatterie storage system with a 7kW NewMotion EV charge point.

Careful consideration went into the design of the new buildings to ensure maximum energy efficiency and to allow most of the clean energy generated by the solar PV during the day to be used in the homes in the evenings.

The £100m village is part of a south Wales regeneration scheme which will create a sustainable economic community. By introducing battery storage alongside the solar PV more of the zero-carbon electricity can be used within the home rather than being exported to the grid.

As well as the installation of solar PV and battery storage; the homes have been made “Electric Vehicle ready” so that EV charge points can easily be installed, meaning that in the future electric vehicles can be powered by the electricity generated by the solar PV system.

Photon Energy were delighted to work on these PV, Battery Storage and EV charge point combinations in new homes. This is a step in the right direction for all new homes to generate their own electricity and to store it for use in the evenings or on dark winter days.

Eva Tejedor, Senior Engineer at Photon Energy said: “This was a very exciting project for Photon Energy. The systems will allow the homeowners to store their solar electricity for use in the evenings by storing it in the battery systems. Looking to the future, we hope to integrate this concept into every new home in the country.”

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