Case study – Thorn Lighting make a splash at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre

Case study – Thorn Lighting make a splash at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre

Switching to Thorn Lighting’s Areaflood Pro floodlights has provided the Liverpool Aquatics Centre at Wavertree Sports Park in Liverpool with increased light levels and a reduction in energy consumption. An important criteria for choosing Areaflood Pro for the illumination of the swimming pool area was that the luminaires have been fully tested and approved as suitable for use in indoor swimming pool environments. This is in addition to offering a maintenance-free product with a body that is also tested and proven to be resistant to chlorine corrosion.


Prior to the new lighting installation, the fifty-metre pool at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre had to be drained following an electrical fault in a floodlight which exploded and showered the pool with shards of glass and also entered the underside of the moveable floor, resulting in major and costly repairs. Subsequently a number of events had to be cancelled. The choice of the correct fitting suited to the pool environment was critical for health and safety purposes.


Following the approval of samples provided by Thorn, a combination of both large and small Areaflood Pro floodlights was chosen for the refurbishment, both of which are compact, lightweight, energy saving and have an IP66 rating. The luminaires have an asymmetrical light distribution of 40 and 60 degrees respectively, with a 4mm toughened glass enclosure for safety. This combination of fittings has ensured a high quality even light distribution with minimum shadowing, while offering energy savings of almost 40 percent compared to the previous fittings.


The use of long-life LEDs means there is no need for costly lamp replacements, so all of the disruption and hassle associated with accessing high level light fittings over a pool is removed, as is the cost associated with maintenance. The upgrade has also improved the quality of the light for staff and customers alike, providing a pleasant, well-lit and welcoming environment.

For more information, visit the Thorn Lighting website.

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