CEF to stock new innovative Firestay Geo Modular Downlight

CEF to stock new innovative Firestay Geo Modular Downlight

CEF has announced that the Bell Lighting Firestay Geo-Modular Downlight range, a new eco-friendly and sustainable downlighting solution, will now be stocked nationwide.

The Geo-Mod downlight promises around 50,000 hours of light and can be replaced approximately every 15 years, or less depending on average usage. And with Bell Lighting’s patented technology, it means that 90% of the materials used are able to be reused, with the final 10% able to be easily recycled. This makes the system more sustainable than its competitors, alongside building on the existing green credentials of LED lighting.

The fitting for the system (the Firestay Geo Housing) is designed to be used for life, rather than needing to be switched out like some other LED bulbs. The housing is also fully recyclable or reusable, meaning that customers have a more sustainable option and can also save money over time.

Paul Brookes, Head of Procurement and Category Management from CEF says “We are proud to stock Bell Lighting’s Firestay Geo range, and offer even more sustainable and energy efficient options to our customers. The Geo range and their patented designs are helping to push the envelope in the area of LED lighting, offering consumers better sustainability and money saving options.”

The Geo-Mod bezels are available in white, satin, chrome, brass, antique brass and matte black, with one to match any home décor. The Geo-Mod itself is also available in a number of different lighting temperature and colour options, from 2700-6000K offering the perfect fit for any room or décor style.

The Geo-Mod costs £11.70, with the Geo- Housing at £9.30 and a selection of specially designed bezels at £2.94 each.

All are available in store at CEF branches or on the CEF website at www.cef.co.uk

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