Charge Smart, Charge Together – evec launches new Dual Wall Mounted EV Charger

Charge Smart, Charge Together – evec launches new Dual Wall Mounted EV Charger

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with evec as the expert in affordable charging solutions, has launched its game-changing Dual Wall Mounted Charger PowerPair.

The new EDC01 PowerPair charger aims to elevate your EV charging experience by allowing you to Charge Smart, Charge Together, with this ideal solution that caters to both residential and commercial charging needs.

Permitting simultaneous two-car charging from a single charger, the EDC01 uses a type 2 cable and universal socket to make it a versatile option for all EV charging requirements, whether you’re a business looking to embrace the electric revolution with a fleet of electric vehicles or a household seeking an efficient and sustainable charging solution.

The charger’s reliability and user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free charging experience and is designed to provide efficient charging for two vehicles at once, by splitting its 7.4kW output between them. However, if only one vehicle is plugged in, the full output can be directed to it for optimal charging efficiency. This charger is a blend of evec’s highly sought-after VEC01 untethered and VEC03 tethered models, offering all of their top features in one device.

Upon the launch, Tom Bloor, Sales Director at evec says: “This innovative design caters to households and businesses and really helps to future-proof any establishment by providing what is essentially two chargers for the price of one.

“It is more cost-effective than other manufacturers’ single chargers and its flexibility to charge two cars is a standout feature that addresses the needs of busy individuals.

“We’re really proud to be launching this all-in-one solution for multiple-vehicle charging, as it marks a significant milestone in the industry.”

The EDC01 PowerPair Dual Wall Mounted Charger is the first of its kind and is available here

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