Compact, cordless, clever: Panasonic’s new insulated electric screwdriver

Compact, cordless, clever: Panasonic’s new insulated electric screwdriver

With the launch of the EYED11SA Li-Ion powered screwdriver, Panasonic convincingly enters the world of the red-and-yellow insulated tools.

The typical red and yellow handle or housing design has been established to easily identify tools that are particularly insulated and the right choice for working on machinery or devices that cannot be easily or entirely seperated from electric circuits.

Panasonic enters now the market for insulated power tools – and presents its lightweight, Li-Ion driven and reliably insulated screwdriver EYED11SA.

“A screwdriver is one of the simplest, but most frequently used tools in literally every area of crafts and engineering”, says Kunihiko Nedachi from Panasonic’s Power Tool department. “That’s why our focus had been to consequently maximize the comfort, safety and reliability of our insulated electric screwdriver.”

Lightweight, ergonomic and convenient

The EYED11SA measures only 145mm in length and weighs just 220g. The tool is designed for single-handed operation – the buttons for forward or reverse mode are ultimately easy to reach and the same applies to the switch between run-down driving and manual tightening.

The Li-Ion battery is simply to be charged via USB-C connection and offers sufficient capicity for getting the jobs done: After 45 minutes of rapid charging, the battery has enough power for approximately 600 M3x5 metal screws.

Reliably safe

Safety is top priority for insulated tools being operated next to electric curcuits. The EYED11SA comes with an extensivly tested double housing structure. The same applies for the switch structure: The switch itself is rubber protected, and the insulation is designed with the necessary distance. Of course, also the bit part comes with a highly durable insulation material and design.

Engineered to last

Meeting the IP56 safety class requirements, the tool is protected against water or dust penetration – and its electronic control unit is designed for reliably being safe against over- or discharge impacts.

Kunihiko Nedachi concludes: “Panasonics new cordless insulated screwdriver offers a whole new level of convenience for everyone working with electric installations, machinery maintenance, electric vehicle repair – or simply makes daily repair work at home a bit easier and safer.”

For further information on the latest member of Panasonic’s Power Tool family, visit the world of Panasonic Power Tools here

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