DEWALT DCN701 28V XR Electrician’s Stapler

DEWALT DCN701 28V XR Electrician’s Stapler

DEWALT has introduced the DCN701 18V XR Electrician’s Stapler.

This stapler is a compact and lightweight fastening tool created to significantly increase speed and productivity for electrical contractors.

This high-powered stapler is primarily designed for securing T&E cables but can also be used for low-voltage applications. Allowing electricians to consistently and precisely drive insulated staples at high velocity, users will discover that the DCN701 saves them significant time and effort compared to manual fastening methods.

It also enables operation in colder external temperatures, permitting use with protective gloves – and with no detrimental effect on performance.

Similar to the size of a cordless drill, the DCN701’s compact frame and short height (200mm) make it perfect for working in restricted spaces, facilitating easy operation between joists, studs or rafters. Despite its small form factor, this rugged tool is durable enough to drive into wood and light blockwork.

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