Watch: Draper Ergo Plus 9 Piece VDE Torque Screwdriver Set

Watch: Draper Ergo Plus 9 Piece VDE Torque Screwdriver Set

Draper Tools introduces its new Ergo Plus 9 Piece VDE Torque Screwdriver Set.

This brand new adjustable, VDE screwdriver kit from Draper is an ideal addition to the electrician’s tool box and is suitable for working on live circuits up to 1KV (1000V) AC and 1.5K (1500V) DC.

For total piece of mind all screwdrivers conform to EN60900 regulations and are individually tested to 10,000V. Featuring blades made from SVCM (silicone vanadium chrome magnesium) steel, hardened and tempered with a phosphate black finish -they’re perfectly designed for precise electrical installations

Draper Torque KitOne of the main advantages of the VDE interchangeable torque screwdriver kit, is it’s precision torque control, which is crucial when working on switchgear and consumer units, helping alleviate the risk of damaging terminals, arcing circuits or hot spotting. Most importantly of all, it prevents under or over-tightening terminal screws and is fully compliant with the latest Wiring Regulations.

With a comfortable two-tone soft grip handle, this screwdriver set is 100 percent made for frequent, professional use. Not only does the handle prevent hands from slipping, it’s also resistant to chemicals, oils and most solvents.

Each calibrated torque screwdriver ensures precise, easy adjustment between 1.0 – 5.0 Nm.  The VDE interchangeable blades provides fast, easy, lock and release into the torque screwdriver, ensuring a safe and secure connection.

This comprehensive kit is a tool box essential for professional electricians and contains a torque screwdriver, calibration certificate, 8 interchangeable blades and a storage roll for secure transportation.

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