Easy Fit Smart EV Chargers from Craig & Derricott

Easy Fit Smart EV Chargers from Craig & Derricott

Celebrating 100 years of manufacturing, British company Craig & Derricott have earned a reputation for developing and supplying quality reliable products to both the Industrial & Rail Industries, supplying to customers around the world. Our latest addition to our extensive range of products are EV chargers: Smart ION Charge.

Our range of 32A (7.4 kW) single phase Mode 3 smart EV chargers are an easy to fit solution for residential and business locations, complete with built in PEN fault, overload, ground fault, surge and 6mA DC leakage protection. Each units comes with screwless toggle clamp terminals, making this the easy installation option in the EV market.

Each smart charger comes with a wifi enabled smart hub. Doubling as a Wi-Fi range extender, the smart hub communicates all status and settings between the EV charger and smart app. Our smart app has been designed so that live and historic charging data can be accessed easily from the clear user dashboard. Insights include power consumption, session durations, costs and CO2 savings, where the user can enter their own energy tariffs to get accurate energy costs.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, our Type 2 fast charging units are suitable for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and are available from your local Edmundson Electrical Branch.

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