EGR launches smart electric roll cover for pickups

EGR launches smart electric roll cover for pickups

A solution has been found for electrical contractors with pickups who worry over the safety of expensive tools and equipment kept in the vehicle on-site or overnight.

EGR Group has launched the EGR RollTrac, a smart electric roll cover said to be the world’s first tonneau cover to integrate fully into a vehicle’s electrical system.

The cover is both water resistant and scratch resistant, with a host of design features to keep tools safe and secure from the worst the elements and human endeavours can throw at it.

EGR RollTrac has been tested in extreme conditions to motor company standards to deliver the best all-weather performance, with an innovative aluminium interlocking slat system that prevents water from penetrating and is flush mounted to the tailgate panel to ensure any surface water is immediately displaced.

The same interlocking slat system design is also what gives the tonneau cover its incredible strength, preventing it from being slashed or cut. The cover also locks in the vehicle tailgate via claw hook style catches, affording users the best security in the market while an anti-pinch feature prevents anything from being caught between the cover and the tailgate when closing.

The result of more than three years’ R&D and built to the same exacting standards shared by leading automotive manufacturers, the EGR RollTrac integrates with remote central locking. Onboard buttons are neatly integrated into the rear corner on both side rails so that the cover can be opened/closed from either side of the vehicle.

The cover only works when the vehicle is unlocked, and a smart ECU-controlled operation is pre-programmed to the vehicle and includes onboard fail safes to prevent using valuable energy if the vehicle battery is running low. A manual override feature is included, and an automatic internal LED light provides visibility in the rear in poor lighting conditions.

James Horwill, Director of Strategic Planning for EGR Europe, believes the roll top tonneau cover is the world’s best: “We’ve looked at all of the issues electrical contractors and similar businesses have with ‘traditional’ tonneau covers and designed and innovated our way around them,” he says.

“We know that pickup drivers are principally concerned about water ingress and safety/security, and so our interlocking slat system addresses these issues and more. We know they need to be tough, but look good, and the black powder finish looks stylish enough to complement any vehicle.

“Whether you’re using your pickup for work, and have expensive tools or kit you need to keep safe in the back, or using it for leisure, and want to combine practicality with aesthetics, the new EGR RollTrac will make you think again about tonneau covers and what they can do.”

Find out more about EGR RollTrac and how you can purchase the product by clicking here

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