EnviroVent Shortlisted in Energy Awards 2017

EnviroVent Shortlisted in Energy Awards 2017

Ventilation manufacturer, EnviroVent, has revealed its new energiSava 200 MVHR unit with myenvirovent App has been shortlisted in the Energy Awards 2017.

EnviroVent’s energiSava 200, has been shortlisted for Smart Product of the Year and Energy Efficient Product of the Year HVAC&R. It was recognised for its extensive range of features and functionality designed to give a homeowner greater control over a home’s indoor air quality. The app aims to make the process of installing and commissioning a unit simpler and quicker.

Andy Makin, Manager Director at EnviroVent, said: “We are really excited to be shortlisted in two categories of the Energy Awards. The compact, lightweight design of the energiSava 200 unit, combined with its energy efficiency properties, makes it ideal for small to medium size houses and apartments.”

He added: “One of the reasons why energiSava won was because of its innovative new app. We were one of the first ventilation manufacturers to release our own app for an MVHR unit and we’ve had a great response from both homeowners and installers. It fits perfectly with the trend towards technology in the home, whilst offering practical benefits and actually adding value to the ventilation experience for the homeowner.”

The Energy Awards event will be held at a ceremony at the London Hilton Hotel on 6th December.

The energiSava 200 can be fitted on the wall, floor or ceiling. It enables housebuilders to meet System 4 of Building Regulations Part F requirements, improving indoor air quality in a home.

The energiSava 200 MVHR unit incorporates Intellitrac Technology, which is a humidity tracking control that allows the unit to run continuously on trickle. No user intervention is required, as its intelligent automatic controls constantly monitor the average humidity level. This allows the system to sense any rise in humidity and increase the extract rate in direct correlation to quietly and efficiently control condensation. Once the humidity falls, the extract rate tracks back down again, saving energy.

The myenvirovent app allows the installer to set up the ventilation rates of the energiSava 200 with complete visibility of the unit’s current status at the touch of a button. It allows them to connect directly to the unit through the app without the need for a wireless internet connection and to access the dedicated installer mode to commission the airflow rates and select additional options in the unit’s ventilation settings page.

EnviroVent has now extended its myenvirovent app to its energiSava 250 and 380 units. The app uses a secure connection from the unit through the homeowner’s router. The app then allows the MVHR unit to be controlled using an iphone or android device from anywhere in the house. Benefits for the homeowner include notifications through the app when filter changes are due and user access to EnviroVent’s technical support team with any questions or queries.  

By using the app, homeowners can also access user guides and technical documents and can provide feedback and future product requests to the EnviroVent R&D team.

For more information, visit: www.envirovent.com/myapp

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