ESP Extends Duceri Range

ESP Extends Duceri Range

Extending its Duceri range of Emergency Lighting, ESP has added Self-Test Emergency Light Fittings which reduce the costs and time associated with manual testing and inspection.

The five new self-test products added to its growing Duceri Emergency Lighting range are as follows:

  • 3W LED Maintained Emergency Self-contained Downlight with Self-Test and interchangeable Open and Corridor Lens
  • 3W LED Emergency Open Lens Downlight with Self-Test
  • 9W LED IP65 Non-Maintained Emergency Twin Spot with Self-Test
  • 3W LED IP65 Maintained Emergency Bulkhead with Self-Test
  • 3W LED Maintained Emergency Exit Box with Self-Test

The new Self-Test range has all been tested and complies with the latest standards.

They are easy to install – without any need for key switches or data cables – and offer convenience and reduced maintenance time and costs.

Emergency lighting installations must have routine tests carried out and these tests should all be documented, with the results held on fire.

Whilst installing standard emergency light fittings is straightforward enough, the task of regularly inspecting every fitting on site for functionality, operation and duration can be an expensive, labour-intensive exercise.

By opting for self-test fittings, installers and contractors can save valuable time and expense, with each self-test fitting utilising an in-built processor to initiate ‘Self Tests’.

Once an issue is discovered, the fitting will clearly display the fault via the status LED.

During initial power-up, an automatic commissioning stage will begin. After the initial charge up time (up to 72 hours), the unit will carry out a full duration test.

After all initial tests are completed successfully, the in-built processor will start the programmed test schedule, reporting failing functions via the status LED.

In addition, it is also possible to initiate a manual test on self-test emergency lighting fittings for extra peace of mind.

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