Fluke Networks launches new digital pocket guide for cloud-based network certification project management

Fluke Networks launches new digital pocket guide for cloud-based network certification project management

The LinkWare Live Cloud-Based Certification Project Management Service Best Practices Digital Pocket Guide contains industry research and best practice tips to enable network cabling installers, network engineers and technicians in the Enterprise to optimise their workflows and maximise profitability.

Fluke Networks, a worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure, has launched a new digital pocket guide for cloud-based certification project management.

The guide identifies key pain points based on industry research and provides best practice tips to enable network cabling installers, network engineers and technicians in the Enterprise to resolve critical issues faster while improving the efficiency of managing network certification tasks.

Fluke Networks seeks to support professionals installing network cabling – whether in Smart Buildings, on the factory floor or in sophisticated data centres – to optimise their workflows by unlocking the full potential of the LinkWare™ Live Cloud-Based Certification Project Management Service.

Research-based guidance  

A recent survey of cabling installers, conducted by Fluke Networks, uncovered the most common problems associated with installing network projects, including how many working hours per 1000 links installed are wasted troubleshooting and problem solving.

The survey findings revealed that installers were wasting more than four hours per 1000 links installed due to testing the wrong copper limit. The accurate setup of testing equipment, difficulties with correctly labelling cable IDs and the time required to consolidate data from multiple testers to produce a single project certification report, were also cited as key challenges.

By providing best practice advice, Fluke Network’s digital pocket guide is designed to help network professionals enhance their performance by leveraging the fact that the measurement data as well as tester setups can be regularly synchronized between the Cloud and the testers in the field. This allows accurate project management from any location, prevents tester setup errors and avoids data loss as well. The best practice recommendations include:

  • Uploading results to the cloud multiple times a day
  • Setting up the tester remotely with a project manager
  • Regular project management checks
  • ‘Right first time’ label printing
  • Reporting management
  • Developing a comprehensive asset management programme

Integrated hardware and software solutions

The digital pocket guide features valuable information about Fluke Networks’ market leading Versiv™ modular cabling certification platform, which integrates seamlessly with LinkWare Live to provide a complete solution for certifying installed cabling. Key benefits include faster reporting and generation of certificates, visibility of every project from any smart device, and the flexibility to share results easily with customers or vendors.

Robert Luijten, Test and Measurement Instrumentation Expert at Fluke Networks, says the adoption of cloud-based certification techniques is critical for networking professionals seeking to optimise their workflow and increase profitability.

“Our best practice tips are indispensable and will enable readers to unlock the full potential of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) using Fluke Networks market leading Versiv cabling certification product family and LinkWare Live software solution,” he said.

“Free to download and easy to use, the digital pocket guide addresses all the major pain points associated with network cable certification – it’s a fundamental addition to the toolbox of every cabling professional.”

Exclusive savings on copper and fibre testers

Fluke Networks is offering major discounts on some of the best-selling copper and fibre testers for a limited time. Customers can save up to 28% on selected products from the Versiv range, including the DSX CableAnalyzer™ cable testers, CertiFiber™ Pro and the OptiFiber™ Pro range of optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs). All products sold in the promotion include a year of Fluke Premium Care – Gold support.

To download the LinkWare Live Best Practices Digital Pocket Guide, go to: https://rb.gy/xu6ejw.

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