Product Test: C.K Magma Wheeled Rucksack Plus

Product Test: C.K Magma Wheeled Rucksack Plus

Gary Fisher of Lougar Electrical gives his back a rest this month as he tries out the C.K Magma Wheeled Rucksack Plus.

How about this for a new and innovative idea from the folk at C.K Magma – not just a tool rucksack (which on its own is pretty decent) but one with wheels, allowing you to carry all your tools about in a very convenient way. As with all C.K Magma equipment I’ve been able to try out, the product is recognisable by its striking grey, red and black colour scheme, as well as the excellent durability that is a hallmark of all C.K products. In use, it’s basically a bag on wheels. Instead of carrying tools and putting all that strain on your arms and back, you simply pull the tools along as you would do a suitcase or bag on holiday.

The product itself is made of a hard wearing material which is extraordinarily strong and durable. The unit as a whole is very tough indeed, but also feels completely lightweight when it’s not loaded. The wheels are made for the toughest terrains allowing you to pull the rucksack on any kind of ground surface, with the handle offering telescopic function as well. The outer bottom area of the unit (where the rucksack rests) is also made of a polymer crack-proof material and is 100% waterproof for good measure. If you fancy a bit of a work-out or find yourself in a situation where you can’t pull the unit, you have the option of using it as a standard rucksack. There is more then enough padding to support it around your back and shoulders, but obviously you’d have to consider the fact that the load will need to be lighter.

To protect your clothing from the threat of dirty wheels, there are covers you can wrap around, saving any embarrassing situations. Inside the rucksack there are 36 pockets and holders, capable of holding all sorts of tools. Their vertical upright position helps when withdrawing and replacing each item, plus larger tools at the bottom of the bag.

Let us not forget that we don’t always just carry tools but also our books (the 18th Edition regs for a start) so a front storage area for the odd A4 book or pad is a handy addition. I believe that this product is ideal for the site worker who doesn’t always turn up to site in a vehicle, or has to use public transport, but is required to take their tools home every evening or for the electrician who might go around doing testing for a company, where they can have a small hand kit with the tester laying in the bottom part. It’s perfect for the travelling worker, even if they’re not working in the construction industry I took this out on a few jobs with me, and even into London on the train, and had no trouble wheeling it about or placing on my shoulders when required. I could go as far as to say it was the ideal companion for my journey. When I was on sites I had it full of my tools and was even able to fit a battery drill into it. It didn’t topple over at any stage when it was open, which proves it is very well balanced, Sometimes it is not always about the tools you have but rather how you transport those tools. The C.K Magma Wheeled Rucksack Plus aids this process and is a really good all-in-one piece of kit.

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