Griffin Technology Keeping Tech Safe

Griffin Technology Keeping Tech Safe

Six steps to keeping your tech safe at work, courtesy of Griffin Technology.

When working in the electrics industry, it is critical to ensure safety comes first as well making sure the job at hand is done correctly. With the advancement of technology, this means more and more tech devices are being used on-site whether it’s for reference points viewed on an iPad or making important calls on a smartphone.

It’s important that this equipment is kept safe and used appropriately to prevent anything happening to these expensive products. Here are some useful tips for keeping expensive tech safe at all times, provided by gadget and mobile accessory brand Griffin Technology:

1. Tech devices can be pricey. Whether you’re using a smartphone or an iPad, all this equipment comes at a cost. Therefore, it’s important to take out insurance against these tech tools so that reimbursement can be made should anything happen unexpectedly.

2. On occasion, you may come into contact with water. Therefore you should be mindful where tech devices are kept or put aside. Ensure that water cannot reach them to prevent any mishaps.

3. Think about where you place your tech. If you’re just putting down your mobile phone after a call, think about whether it’s a safe place. Don’t leave it where it may fall and damage the device.

4. Protect your tech and invest in sturdy cases. Again, like insurance this will help to prevent damage to any tech equipment if an accident was to happen. This adds another layer of safety and offers more peace of mind if devices are dropped.

5. Noise could also be an issue on-site. Things like power saws and other equipment can create loud noises. To help protect your ears, wearing earplugs is recommended. However, if using an iPad for any reference points or video guides, use earphones to clearly hear anything you should be paying attention to on the device.

6. Accessorise your tech devices to make them more accessible when working. Using adjustable harness kits for an iPad will allow the device to be strapped around the body securely and safely, so that it’s easily reachable when needed.Griffin-iPhone

For tech protection and accessories, Griffin Technology provides a range of cases to suit smartphones, tablets and more, as well as harness kits. Recommended for a smartphone such as the iPhone 6 is the rugged Survivor Summit, as it’s designed and tested to keep the phone safe from a 10-foot drop (3 metres) onto concrete and has a multi-layer construction for shatter resistance.

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