Hatcher Shelves for More Flexibility

Hatcher Shelves for More Flexibility

A fold away shelving system offers LCV operators greater flexibility when it comes to load options. Hatcher Shelves turns a standard panel van into a racked cargo area within a matter of minutes.

Each shelf can accommodate a 50 Kg load, and the company claims that when deployed Hatcher Shelves can increase load space by 54% in a panel van. When not in use it projects just 3” into the cargo area, and the snap back stowage system means it just clicks into place.

Hatcher Shelves comes from the UK leading HGV cab conversion business Hatcher Components, sales manager Craig Poacher says it is a highly versatile system. “The problem with a static shelving system is that it doesn’t offer any flexibility, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. The restriction to cargo area width might make it difficult or impossible to carry larger items.

“But with the Hatcher shelves you have both options. Larger items can still be transported with the Hatcher Shelves in the closed position, but smaller parcels and tools can be transported when folded down.”

Made from aluminium the Hatcher Shelves have the strength for heavy duty use but are also light and fits any panel van. The unit can also be supplied with restraint nets and shelf dividers.

Mr Poacher expects the Hatcher Shelves to prove popular. “We feel it suits many trades especially those transporting hand tools and components. It is inexpensive when compared to many rigid shelf alternatives so will prove popular with operators who want an affordable vehicle racking system with flexibility,” he concludes.

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