Haverland presents its winter 2022 catalogue

Haverland presents its winter 2022 catalogue

With the arrival of winter and its cold temperatures, it is time to start thinking about those products with which we are going to equip our homes and facilities in general to fight against the cold: offices, shops, gyms, restaurants, schools, etc.

Nowadays, it is essential to have technological devices that allow high energy efficiency and low consumption, reducing the impact on the environment and achieving clean and healthy air with the greatest energy savings.Aware of this, Haverland, a leading Spanish brand in heating, presents its new winter 2022/2023 catalogue where it incorporates the latest advances currently existing in its heating systems.

The most advanced technology that connects with you to enjoy maximum comfort by reducing energy consumption precisely, as established by the Ecodesign directive of the European Union.

This new catalogue is designed to facilitate the consumer’s day-to-day life, thanks, for example, to connect through WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth systems in the exclusive Haverland Apps.

Smart radiators

Within the smart radiators, the new RCTT Connect stands out, which has an exclusive Wi-Fi pairing system with which the device can be controlled from any mobile device. And if the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the radiator will continue to work without problems. It is available in various sizes and includes 24/7 programming, open window detector, consumption indicator and 4 operating modes: comfort, economy and anti-freeze and OFF:

It also has a GPS that makes the radiator connect when you are close to home and lower the temperature as you move away. Through the exclusive Haverland APP, you will be able to turn the radiators on and off remotely, adjust the temperature, program the day and hours, and, above all, control electricity consumption in real time in order to save on energy bills from the first moment.

Another highly demanded smart radiator is the SIMPLY Bluetooth®: quality, precision and technology in the same device with fluid with high thermal inertia and high-precision electronic thermostat. This model also has an exclusive Bluetooth pairing system to be able to program the device in the most comfortable way and from any mobile or tablet. And if the Bluetooth connection is lost, the radiator continues to work without problems. It has 4 functions: comfort, economy, anti-freeze and auto, 24/7 programming and open window detector. One more time, technology applied to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

It also highlights the ULTRAD smart radiator, flexibility, and comfort together in a programmable radiator, with control via app from anywhere in the world to be able to adjust the temperature in real time, significantly reducing consumption. In addition, thanks to its innovative built-in motion sensor technology, this device detects the presence of people in the room and adjusts to the ideal temperature. It includes different operating modes: sensor, self-learning and manual, and does not require any specific configuration or programming, as well as being quick and easy to install.

Electric radiators

Within the electric radiators, the RCTT model stands out, which thanks to its built-in LCD screen, allows you to know in real time how much energy you are spending in a simple and intuitive way. It is the ideal product to maintain a warm and homogeneous environment during the winter without the need for any mobile application.

It has 4 modes: comfort, economy and anti-freeze and OFF, 24/7 programming, open window detector, safety thermal limiter, consumption indicator and thermal fluid with high thermal inertia.

The RCTT InerZia range is also remarkable, with models designed for prolonged use thanks to its new technology and natural stone (100% soapstone) with which you will have greater thermal inertia than any traditional radiator.

On the other hand, the RCBL is a low-consumption electric radiator ideal for small spaces as it has a height of 38 cm. It is specially designed for small walls and conservatories, although it has great power thanks to its dynamic flow with high thermal inertia. It has 3 modes: comfort, economy and anti-freeze, built-in energy monitor and weekly, daily or weekend programming options.

Another option is the ceramic radiator Medusa, designed to offer you maximum comfort with a very careful aesthetic thanks to its elegant, modern and discreet design in white. It has 4 modes: comfort, economy, anti-freeze and standby. In addition, it is the ideal product if you have small children at home, since it has a child lock, overheat protection and a safety thermal limiter. It also has an LCD screen and open window detector.

Towel rails

If what you are looking for is to give a different touch to your bathroom, the Haverland range of towel rails is the right one. The Hercules glass bathroom radiator stands out. It is a radiator with hot air convector glass, which through an innovative technology spreads the heat through its hot air convection system (1500W) and allows the bathroom to be heated instantly and homogeneously. In addition, it has 4 modes: comfort, economy, antifreeze and user. It can be used in manual and automatic mode and has 24/7 programming and a safety thermal limiter.

On the other hand, we find the TOD range, an electric towel rail that incorporates a highly precise digital thermostat that reduces the energy bill and regulates the room temperature. It also has an LCD screen, keyboard lock and 3 modes: comfort, economy and auto. Includes 9 preset programs, easy installation, and safety thermal limiter. In addition, it has a consumption indicator, 24/7 programming and open window detector.

Outdoor heater

The outdoor heater PH 21 is perfect for the cold in gardens, patios, conservatories, and all kinds of terraces, both for homes and other types of facilities: shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. It allows to regulate the power and intensity of the heat remotely through a remote control, always achieving the desired environment. In addition, the height is adjustable, and it is resistant to any inclement weather.

With a robust and stable metal structure, it is totally safe and incorporates a safety tilt switch with automatic shutdown in case of unexpected falls, avoiding accidents and guaranteeing maximum safety.

Air treatment

Finally, Haverland includes air treatment products in its winter catalogue, which today are essential to achieve good indoor air quality, whether at home or in other facilities (schools, gyms, restaurants, offices, etc.). It also helps us avoid health problems, especially for those with respiratory problems or allergy symptoms.

Within this product line, the firm has the Pure Aire Box purifier, capable of purifying and disinfecting rooms of up to 140 m2 (with a consumption of less than 21 W) thanks to its combined operation of PCOTM technology with oxidation and ionization photocatalytic, which Ionizes – deodorizes – disinfects and oxygenates the space where it is used. In addition, it has two types of operation: PCOTM technology, but also the ‘away’ mode, whose activation is optional.

This purifier eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs from the air in any space (home, office, store, etc.) at 99.99% for 24 hours, 7 days a week, and has been certified by an independent laboratory.

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