Introducing the Jokari 4-70 Cable Knife

Introducing the Jokari 4-70 Cable Knife

Ralf Jansen from Jokari introduces the 4-70 cable knife system, a tool designed to significantly increase safety during electrical installation.

For the past five decades, Jokari, based in Ascheberg, Germany, has been producing some of the country’s best-selling cable stripping tools. With its latest product, the system 4-70, the company want’s to tackle downtime by placing worker safety at the forefront of its design.

A new design
The 4-70 features soft grip areas and a wider, thicker body that helps make the knife feel sturdy and makes it easier to apply the forces needed to cut through thick insulation. A sight window in the bracket allows the cutting to be monitored, ensuring that the cut has lined up around the cable. A large thumb grip zone makes it easier to open the clamp to insert the cable into the cutting area. Also, thanks to the easy change cable clamp system, one tool can be used on cables from 4-70mm. To change the clamp, simply release a clip in the “Push” opening and slide out the old bracket. Swapping to a new bracket (available separately) will allow you to use one tool for nearly every job.


Blade protection
In order to greatly increase safety at work, the 4-70 includes a special mechanism in the form of a protection cap. The cap securely covers the hooked blade at the end of the cable knife. For slitting cable sheaths with the hooked blade, the protection mechanism must be pushed back. This is done by operating a locking switch with two lock symbols (open and closed). The blade is only released after the switch is moved into the required position. There are four cutting depth settings, depending on the cable sheath thickness. When the protection cap is retracted, the locking switch automatically returns to the standby position. The hooked blade is quickly covered again so that any risk of injury through slipping during use is avoided.

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