Knightsbridge reaches high efficiency with low bay LEDs

Knightsbridge reaches high efficiency with low bay LEDs

Knightsbridge, one of the UK’s leading brands of wiring devices, accessories and lighting, is continuing to meet demand for high-efficiency commercial and industrial LED fittings with the introduction of a low bay LED suite of products.

Warrantied for five years, the new low bay fixtures are perfect for retail, educational, leisure and other applications where ceiling heights – typically under 6100mm (circa 20’) – demand shallower reflectors and manageable outputs.

Two low profile, dimmable fixtures are offered – the 90W LWB90 and 165W LWB165 – which can be either surface mounted or suspended as required. The luminaires are supplied with 0-10V dimmable drivers (0-10V dimmers are required) and suspension hooks and chains as standard; while optional accessories available include surface mount brackets, and sensors.

Both fixtures offer very efficient high lumen outputs of 140lm/w, with the LWB90 providing 12,800lm and the LWB165 23,200lm. LED Colour temperature for both luminaires is 5500K, the equivalent to the light of the midday sun, which provides for excellent colour definition, and LED lifetime is 50,000 hours.

The versatile optional accessories allow for easy configuration of the fixtures into sensor-operated or emergency versions, bringing convenience to the installer and reduces the number of finished units needed to be carried by the wholesaler. Two sensors – either microwave or PIR – can be paired with the fixtures according to preference.

The LWB 360° Microwave Dimming Sensor has, along with its 360° detection field, an optimum range of 8m when installed at a 6m height. It operates at an ambient lux level which is adjustable from 2 to 120 lux or it can be disabled, with a hold time at full brightness ranging from five seconds to 30 minutes. It offers corridor dimming function with its 0 to 10V output range and provides a ‘standby period’ at dimmed light level from 10 seconds to constant. Finally, sensitivity is adjustable from 50% to 100%.

Also with a 360° detection field, the LWB 360° PIR Sensor has a choice of lenses to adjust optimum detection range, a hold time from 10 seconds to 30 minutes; ambient lux level adjustable from 10 to 300 lux with an option to disable; and sensitivity adjustment from 20% to 100%.

Finally, the new low bay products can also be accessorised with an emergency kit with an included inverter and battery pack that provides cover for three hours at 700lm.

For further details of Knightsbridge’s innovative wiring accessory and lighting products, click here or call 01582 887760.

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