Knipex Forged Wire Stripper: Multifunctional tool for the Electrician

Knipex Forged Wire Stripper: Multifunctional tool for the Electrician

KNIPEX has launched the Forged Wire Stripper Multifunctional Electrician Pliers (American style) for stripping and cutting both solid and stranded wire.

The Forged Wire Stripper (13 72 8 and 13 72 8) is equipped with features that set the tool apart from conventional wire strippers and was developed after a great amount of research and observation of how tradespeople used their wire strippers in the American market.

The result is a wire stripper that is meticulously designed to improve upon all facets of the wire stripping experience and make every worker’s job easier and faster.

The Forged Wire Stripper’s main feature is its screw cutting holes. The screw cutting holes do not have threads on them, so a screw can be inserted and cut, making it faster and easier.

Additional features include: locating ridges between the stripping holes for easily finding the correct stripping holes without looking, wide knurled gripping jaws for twisting wires and induction-hardened shear cutting blades that offer 50 percent higher cutting capacity than other wire strippers on the market.

Other features for the KNIPEX Forged Wire Stripper include a lock that can be used either right- or left-handed, an internal spring for easy opening and a bolted joint for precise and smooth cutting adjustment.

The tool is made from high-grade special steel that is forged and multi-stage oil-hardened.

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