Knipex Super Knips XL – For the Sharpest of Cuts

Knipex Super Knips XL – For the Sharpest of Cuts

The KNIPEX Super Knips XL make ultra fine cutting work of even the thinnest of wires an easy task. Made of tough stainless steel, the Super Knips XL are ideal for flush cutting and precise cutting.

Model 78 03 140 has a cutting edge hardness of approximately 54 HRC while model 78 61 140 (which is made of high- carbon tool steel) features additionally induction hardened cutting edges having a cutting-edge hardness of approxinately 64 HRC.

The tools’ ground, sharp cutting edges without bevel make light work of cutting cable ties to length and are perfect for cutting work in electronics and fine mechanics.

The controlled micro cutting edge offset allows for incredibly precise cutting and the precision shaped tips cut wires on a board from 0.2mm in diameter.

These pliers have an opening spring and opening limiter while the joint has a stainless steel rivet, resulting in a smooth movement for greater operator comfort.

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