LEDVANCE revamp outdoor lighting options with new ENDURA range

LEDVANCE revamp outdoor lighting options with new ENDURA range

The new ENDURA luminaire range combines elegant designs with high-efficiency and easy mounting to create ideal outdoor spaces

LEDVANCE is launching a new range of stylish, robust out-door luminaires. With a multitude of design and mounting options, the ENDURA range offers exciting illuminations for outdoor projects and garden installations, ideal for cre-ating a relaxing night-time atmosphere or security conscious space.

The range includes a selection of contemporary LED lanterns based on high-quality aluminium, with high energy efficiency. One option, The ENDURA STYLE Lantern Modern, provides a wall-mounted luminaire and bollard lantern available in two heights, and IP44 protection class makes these luminaires fully protected from splashes.

The range also offers mobile wall and bollard luminaires for spot lighting solutions. The EN-DURA STYLE Midi Spot is a flexible outdoor wall LED spotlight with adjustable luminaire heads, allowing for choice between single or dual-lamp spotlights.

In addition, ENDURA STYLE Mini Spots are flexible miniatures that light up a balcony, wall or terrace with warm white lighting. They can be rotated full 340 degrees on their own axis for full design creativity. Frosted or clear glass hemispheres, with 180 degree swivel, provide further options.

Stainless steel luminaires in the range include the ENDURA STYLE Mini Cylinder, a stylish and elegant fixture for indirect pathway lighting. These are also available as elegant wall and bollard luminaires.

The range also features an exciting choice of decorative luminaires. For example, the ENDURA Wall, with a luminance of up to 2,000 lux, can be adjusted to daylight and motion detection with an optional sensor, detecting motion within three to six meters.

In addition, the ENDURA STYLE Wall Square and Wall Round are characterised by minimalist design and high light intensity. They can be installed with programmable sensors to come on when someone approaches to provide an alert for security purposes and enabling visitors to see when dark.

The exquisite ENDURA Wall Loop with brushed aluminium casing and unusual light ring is an elegant, round luminaire with a sensor that can also be programmed with ease.

For outdoor designs with limited space, the ENDURA STYLE Ball offers an impressive light intensity of 1,030 lumens. Its simple and low-key design blends harmoniously with any architec-ture and, with a daylight and motion sensor, only radiates its full power when needed.

Additional products in the range include Surface that radiates uniform white light when needed, UpDown that casts light in two directions, Ellipse with an exceptional shape and chic design, Ring and Square offering a trendy white or dark grey modern look, and Wall Wide sensor luminaires with DIP switch to select both the threshold and holding time of the light, for a flexible welcoming wall illumination.

LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.

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