Lights, camera, action as Timeguard adds integrated Wi-Fi camera to its range

Lights, camera, action as Timeguard adds integrated Wi-Fi camera to its range

Professional installers now have an even bigger lead over the DIY market with Timeguard’s addition of an integrated Wi-Fi camera and audio functions to the installer focused LEDPro outdoor lighting range, only available through electrical wholesalers.

The new PIR camera system provides a view of what is happening outdoors as well as two-way audio for direct communication with visitors, and with a warning siren option. As part of the modular LEDPro range, it can be installed from scratch or retrofitted to an existing floodlight, replacing a more-standard PIR switching module.

The new unit communicates over Wi-Fi, so there’s no extra wiring and it really couldn’t be easier to provide customers with sight and sound, and complete confidence that they know what’s going on outside their building.

Now available under Timeguard’s established and trusted NIGHTeye PRO branding, the new PIR camera system combines Wi-Fi-controlled camera, microphone and speaker with a PIR detector in a single module which can be used with any of the Timeguard’s LEDPro floodlights; 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W and 100W.

There’s a lot packed into a small and discrete unit, with even an SD card slot if local storage is preferred to cloud-based options. Smart engineering and superior specification ensure there is no signal interference. Camera and audio functions are always available, offering independent or timed or dusk-till-dawn automated lighting.

To remind you, the LEDPro range concept enables installers to combine the right floodlight, from 10W to 100W LED, in black or pure white, with the right switching module. Options are; PIR, photocell, RF remote control and now the new Wi-Fi camera addition to the range, which combines the PIR detector with a Wi-Fi camera and two-way audio.

Wi-Fi control of the new camera system is via the proven TuYa app, a global favourite adopted by leading manufacturers, which can also be used to set up the PIR timing for these Timeguard modules.

TIMEGUARD2Camera resolution is 1080p, the established standard for video surveillance in businesses and properties. High-definition security cameras have achieved incredible success in the ‘consumer’ market as a reliable monitoring option for general-purpose video surveillance. At 100dB, the speakers allow for clear communication over a good distance, and enough volume for a serious siren warning!

Combining the camera and audio with the outdoor LED lighting that any customer concerned about safety and security will also need, gives you an all-in-one solution. Furthermore, combining Timeguard’s trusted technology and quality control with a global Wi-Fi app that is subject to continuous improvement and debugging, adds up to a serious solution that you can offer your customers with complete confidence.

LEDPro: flexible and scalable solutions
LED Pro from Timeguard is a range of floodlights and interchangeable controls. Installers choose the most suitable floodlight power for the job at hand, from 10W to 100W, and then decide which switching module to plug in. Options include PIR, photocell, RF remote control, and the new Wi-Fi camera and audio system. With a spare terminal for looping out, and the high ratings of the switching modules, there’s plenty of scope to add slave floodlights to your installation.

Change your mind? Want to upgrade your customer to the new camera and audio system? No problem, it’s easy to change the mix with any of the compatible components in the LEDPro range – simple unplug the old switching module and replace with the new one – there’s no extra wiring needed. Finally, a range that puts you in charge of the specification for a great custom install.

Wi-Fi that fits the bill
Timeguard has already established its track record in Wi-Fi technology with a reliable range that ticks the boxes for your customers – simple, reliable and practical solutions meeting real user needs. The range includes smart doorbells, cameras, wall sockets, in-line connectors, trailing sockets and RGB-adjustable candle lamps with RGB control for scene setting as well as on/off. Naturally all can be voice controlled by Alexa (Amazon) or Google Assistant.

Get more details about Timeguard’s range of security solutions by clicking here

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