Martindale introduces the new advanced range of proving units

Martindale introduces the new advanced range of proving units

Martindale Electric has introduced four new proving units to its industry-leading range. Safe electrical working requires the use of a voltage indicator that has been proven with a suitable proving device, before and after use, to ensure the instrument is working correctly, in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

The new Proving Units come with all the benefits of the existing Martindale PD440S and PD690S, featuring over-moulded low-profile cases with magnetic hangers.

The Martindale PD230SRD, PD440SRD, PD440SRDX and PD690SRD are fast and easy to use, instantly supplying the test voltage for both high and low impedance voltage indicators, test lamps and meters. The units have AC / DC output’s selectable by a push button switch and stepped voltage output, matched to two pole tester thresholds with three maximum output voltages across the range: 230V, 440V and 690V. It’s good practice to match the output voltage of the proving unit with the voltage range of the instrument to be proved; the new series simplifies coordinating devices as they are colour-coded with Martindale voltage indicators.

The SRDX model has a unique CALCHECK feature, making it easy to verify insulation and low resistance ranges on 18th Edition multifunction testers, wherever you are working, making it ideal for identifying potential calibration issues with a multifunction tester prior to certifying a new wiring installation or carrying out a condition report. It is also a valuable procedure recognised by electrical contractor assessment bodies. In addition, the new SRD and SRDX models have stepped voltage LEDs with thresholds matched to most voltage indicators and two pole testers.

All units have long battery life with low battery indicator and auto power-off feature.

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