Megger Extension Test Leads

Megger Extension Test Leads

Megger has recently launched a selection of new extension test leads that facilitate direct measurement of R2 values when testing electrical installations.

The new leads from Megger are ideally suited for use on lighting circuits to check switches and ceiling roses where R1 + R2 measurements aren’t possible, and also on multi-light arrays in commercial and retail premises to ensure that all fittings are correctly earthed.

The new extension test leads are available in two versions, the XTL30, which is 30m long and the XTL50, which is 50m long. Both types are conveniently housed on reels that are designed for easy payout and rewind. The reels feature a fixed central socket, facilitating easy connection to the test instrument.

In addition to their primary application as an aid to R2 measurement, the XTL30 and XTL50 extension leads are also useful for general fault-finding on new and existing circuits where there may be a loop break or an open-circuit fault at some distance from the distribution board.

Small, robust and easily accommodated in the carrying case of an MFT1700-series multifunction tester, Megger’s extension test leads weigh no more than 1kg and feature outer frames that measure just 176mm x 26mm.

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