MiHome Relay by Energenie

MiHome Relay by Energenie

Energenie’s MiHome has launched a new relay, enabling wireless remote control of mains switching.

The relay, if used in conjunction with the MiHome smart thermostat, also enables wireless remote control of the MiHome smart thermostat from anywhere in the house, rather than having to install a smart thermostat next to the boiler.

It is also ideal for use with dry underfloor heating systems, panel heaters, towel rails and even DC devices down to 30V. This relay switches on the live and neutral connections, isolating the neutral in the event of a neutral-earth failure, and prevents live/neutral reversal.

The 3kW inline unit features three functions – On/Off for heating control, WiFi symbol – for pairing to the MiHome gateway and a Sun symbol – which calls for heat to the relay.

The relay can also be controlled remotely via the MiHome app on an iPhone, smartphone or via the web portal.

Find out more at https://energenie4u.co.uk/mihome

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