New award-winning luminaire from Thorn Lighting

New award-winning luminaire from Thorn Lighting

Recent award winner, Novaline Style is an elegant and slim circular luminaire that provides diffused light from the front, and a subtle 10% backlight. An ideal fit for multiple applications, Novaline Style blends into its surrounding environments and has been designed to look great in areas that people move through as well as social spaces.

Thorn Lighting is pleased to introduce the new Novaline Style. As well as being wall or ceiling mounted, this aesthetically appealing luminaire can be suspended from ceilings with an elegant rod or a wire suspension pendant. Delivering efficient lighting where needed, Novaline Style has an IP54 water splash-resistance so it can even be used outdoors in covered walkways.

Combining contemporary looks and versatility

Office, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and residential – just some of the applications that Novaline Style is a perfect fit for. Easy to optimise, Novaline Style’s functionality can be increased, taking it from a simple switchable range to a fully adaptable one with wireless controls. Integrated wireless communication allows for Bluetooth control and commissioning. Novaline Style is also available with an emergency lighting mode via a self-contained or central battery (DALI versions only), delivering up to three hours of emergency lighting.

It’s a family affair

The slim, circular Novaline Style luminaires come in three different dimensions: 320mm, 400mm and 500 mm and have a frame depth of just 37mm. A single size used repeatedly through a project creates sleek uniformity, while using multiple sizes in combination results in a more dynamic appearance. High quality housing comes in three different colour options; black, white and silver.

Available with different lumen outputs which range from 1400 lm up to 5000 lm, the Novaline Style family can be used across different project types. An opal optic provides added comfort and a 10% indirect backlight washes surfaces – with the best effects created when the luminaire is surface mounted.

Feeling flexible

Novaline Style offers more flexibility for lighting designs because of the varying mounting options. It can be surface mounted directly onto walls or ceilings and the overall design is complemented by two additional pendant options – rod and wire suspension. One of the luminaire’s attractive features is its quick fix mounting system which reduces installation time, making the process fast and simple.

Annelie Roehl, Product Manager, Linear and Area Lighting says, “With the new Novaline Style luminaire, we managed to combine various excellent features into one great product family.

Modern aesthetics, efficient yet uncompromising lighting design and a completely customer oriented versatility of the Novaline Style make this luminaire the perfect extension of our comprehensive Thorn product portfolio.”

Mark Mattimoe, Thorn’s Head of Application for education, office, healthcare and retail added, “The huge benefit of Novaline Style is its ability to be used across many applications, from schools and offices to hospitals and even retail outlets. This versatility results in a consistent family-feel through common areas within most building types including entrance reception, transit and breakout spaces as well as functional locations.”


The Novaline Style was recently named ‘Lighting Product of the Year’ at Ireland’s Electrical Magazine and Events electrical awards 2022!

(Photo credits: Thorn)

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