New Quickwire 24A Junction boxes

New Quickwire 24A Junction boxes

2024 is looking to be a big year for Quickwire as they bring their latest products to market: 2 new Quickwire junction boxes for power connection.

The new additions to the Quickwire range are 2 and 4-way splitter junction boxes for use with 2.5mm cable and rated at 24A. These clever new products open up a whole new dimension of capabilities for users of the Quickwire system. The highly anticipated additions will allow lightning quick distribution of power and make common jobs like breaking into ring finals, adding spurs, or repairing damaged cable runs much easier.

Sam Garton, Manager at Quickwire said “Since our initial launch we’ve had frequent requests from our customers for a Quickwire junction box with a larger load capacity, and we’re excited to finally be able to offer them what they’ve asked for. We’re hoping that the new products more than live up to expectations!”

  • QSP32-24A
  • QSP34-24A


Both products are rated to 24A, accept 2.5mm solid core Twin and Earth cable and comply to British standards BS EN60670-22 and BS5733-MF. Up until now the main Quickwire product range has been rated at 16A, commonly for use in lighting circuits. Entering the realms of power connection will prove a game changer for many and facilitates a wealth of new applications. As with all Quickwire products they are entirely manufactured and built in the UK.

The new junction boxes are available now on Quickwire’s website, and from most electrical wholesalers. If your preferred supplier hasn’t got them in stock yet, just ask them to get in touch with Quickwire.

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