New! The Beha-Amprobe Ultrasonic Leak Detector

New! The Beha-Amprobe Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Beha-Amprobe has introduced new ultrasonic diagnostic tools for HVAC/R, mechanical and electrical inspection and troubleshooting, the Beha-Amprobe ULD-400-EUR Series Ultrasonic Leak Detectors. Combining advanced filtering technology with wide ultrasonic frequency response, the ULD-400-EUR Series allows users to quickly and easily locate gas leaks in the most noisy and challenging environments.

When equipment begins to fail due to an air or gas leak or vibration, or electrical discharge, the leakage point emits an ultrasonic sound wave that is above the natural range of human hearing. The Beha-Amprobe ULD-400-EUR Series Ultrasonic Leak Detectors convert this ultrasonic sound into an audible range signal that can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the equipment failure.

The strength of the leak can be clearly seen on the large LCD display bargraph and, by listening to the converted audible sound emitted via the headphones, helps identify the source of the leak and differentiate between air leaks and electric discharges. In extremely noisy environments, where there is strong ultrasonic noise generated by running machinery or equipment, the Receiver’s filter function can filter out up to three main noise frequencies which would otherwise hide the noise of the leak.

For more information on other Beha-Amprobe test and measurement products, or to download a catalogue, visit the website.

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