New Trade Torches Make Light Work of Dark Jobs

New Trade Torches Make Light Work of Dark Jobs

A new range of trade torches are set to give electricians all the light they need.

The range of Zoom torches, from Ring, combines high power LED technology with lightweight, robust materials and long battery life, making them ideal for use on site. Uniquely, the torches feature a 6x optical zoom, for either broad illumination or a bright, narrow beam for focused work or seeing into the distance.

The rechargeable torches come in four sizes, plus there is a headtorch that incorporates the same high performance technology. All come with USB to micro-USB charging cable – ideal for recharging anywhere – and built-in IC protection to prevent the Li-ion battery from overcharge or discharge. The LED light emitted from the torches also has a white colour temperature – between 6000K and 6500K – providing light that is closer to daylight than a conventional torch. This makes for a more comfortable working environment, which is essential for working in dim or dark conditions for long periods of time.

The range includes:

The Ring RIT1010 Zoom110 Micro LED Inspection Torch:

At just 8.3cm long, it provides a bright 110 lumen output, and has magnetic base for hands-free use. The perfect option for a pocket torch that is lightweight, but powerful enough to illuminate a dark space.

The Ring RIT1040 Zoom150Duo LED Inspection Torch:

Combines a powerful 150 lumen torch with a 150 lumen LED lamp. This versatile torch is the ideal all-in-one lighting solution. The wide-angle lamp illuminates the entire work area, while the torch allows for a more focused beam – and still has the 6x optical zoom. It also had a magnetic base for hands-free use

The Ring RIT1050 Zoom300 LED Inspection Torch:

Provides up to 300 lumen LED light, for a more powerful lighting option. The battery on the Zoom300 lasts up to 10 hours, meaning less recharging. It has magnetic base for hands-free use, and also incorporates a power bank: ideal for an emergency recharge if your phone dies or when on site or on the road.

The Ring RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch:

The largest of the Zoom torches, it emits a powerful 750 lumens, with an impressive battery life of up to 11 hours. It also features a power bank: ideal for an emergency recharge if your phone dies or when on site or on the road all day

The Ring RIT1070 Zoom240 LED Head Torch:

Designed for comfortable all-day use, the Zoom240 headtorch is lightweight and rechargeable – ideal for using onsite or when working in dark areas. The battery lasts up to seven hours, meaning no need to recharge during a working day, and the 4x optical zoom gives the option of a focused beam or a broad illumination. For hands-free light, this is the ideal solution.

Jim Gross, Trade Lighting Product Manager at Ring, says: “Ring has been at the forefront of lighting technology for over 40 years, and we’ve used all this experience in creating the Zoom range – a new approach to work lighting. As with all our trade lighting equipment, the Zoom torches are designed with the professional in mind. The rechargeable battery allows electricians to use it for an entire working day, and the robust aluminium torch can withstand tough conditions. We know that working on-site and with electrical systems is tough – this head torch emits a white light that simulates daylight, making it easier on the eyes.”

All of Ring’s products undergo thorough testing in our ISO:19001-accredited Quality Assurance facilities, to ensure that they perform to the exceptionally high standard needed by professionals, and to guarantee their endurance in tough conditions. The Zoom torches are all made with lightweight aluminium, so they are comfortable to carry all day but can also withstand inevitable the knocks and drops.

The Ring Zoom range is available at Toolstation, Halfords, Screwfix and independent retailers nationwide. For more details on the products visit


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