Optimise Your Retail Operations with Sylvania’s New LED Lighting System

Optimise Your Retail Operations with Sylvania’s New LED Lighting System

Sylvania has launched a high performance LED lighting system, designed for retail environments such as hypermarkets and superstores.

The Sylvania Fast Trunking System (FTS) LED is a powerful but efficient solution, which features five light distribution settings for more direct lighting. Sylvania offers high efficiency throughout the range with up to 152lm/W system efficiency and 50,000 hours lifetime. The range also comes with a lumen output of 9,000lm or 18,000 lm depending on the length of the luminaire.

Richard Turner, General Manager, EMEA Verticals Business Unit for Sylvania, says: “The role of lighting in retail is vital as it can have a significant impact on the bottom line. It has to be well thought through to ensure optimum illumination strategies around the store, which in turn can encourage customers to spend more time browsing and purchasing.

“In supermarket environments, lighting must be powerful, energy efficient and provide long, clean lines of glare-free light. Our FTS LED offers the ability to alter the dynamics and functionality of the building’s lighting and is both quick and easy to install, keeping downtime to a minimum.”

Most frequently installed using suspension wires, Sylvania’s new FTS LED is available in two lengths; 1,720 mm or 3,400 mm and is clipped together and installed in long runs to create ultra lines of light. The five types of light distribution available are wide beam, narrow beam, double asymmetrical beam, asymmetrical beam right and asymmetrical beam left. This level of adjustability ensures that lighting dynamics can be changed, making the angle of light more direct.

Manufactured in stainless steel and painted white, the product is waterproof and features a UV stabilised polycarbonate body and diffuser. This means that yellow discolouration over time is eliminated. The luminaire is specially designed with a clear PMMA diffuser for improved uniformity, which softens and controls the light while optimising output. A three hour emergency accessory module is also available.

For more information about Sylvania’s retail lighting range, please visit: http://www.sylvania-lighting.com/en-gb/applications/retail/


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