Panel Show: HellermannTyton Launches New Ducting Range for Panel Builders

Panel Show: HellermannTyton Launches New Ducting Range for Panel Builders

New suite of plastic ducting products available from cable management specialist HellermannTyton.

Panel builders and electricians can now create tidier, more efficient organisation of wiring with HelaDuct.

With smooth ends, a comprehensive choice of narrow- and wide-fingered ducts and a variety of fast-fix accessories, the HelaDuct range is designed to give panel builders everything they need to speed up the construction of control panels.

Designed and manufactured in-house, HelaDuct has been developed based on HellermannTyton’s ongoing communication with customers.

“A smooth, burr-free edge is the most commonly requested element – not only to reduce the risk of damage to cables, but for a cleaner, clearer appearance. So this design feature is at the heart of the HelaDuct range,” explains Mark Shinner, Insulation and Protection Products Manager at HellermannTyton.

“At the same time, we offer different versions to suit the variety of legislative requirements faced by our customers.”

For environments that must be kept halogen-free to protect the public from toxic inhalation in the event of a fire, HelaDuct is available in a PC/ABS version. This material has been selected because it is easier to cut and handle during installation.

With export increasingly important to the panel builder market, HelaDuct is also available in a range of DIN-compliant sizes to meet European quality standards.

HelaDuct is also available in an intrinsically safe range, coloured in blue to house critical wires in an easy-to-identify manner.

And for large-scale installations such as elevator or lift shafts, HellermannTyton has developed a product within the new range which enables end users to incorporate conduit systems into the HelaDuct system, using circular knockouts to integrate the two product systems. This is ideal where dust and debris ingress must be avoided.

HellermannTyton has developed a range of accessories to keep wires neatly retained within the ducts. “In some instances ducts are filled to capacity and housed horizontally or vertically. This means when the cover is taken off, wires can easily fall out, causing the electrician lots of hassle and time fitting everything back in,” confirms Mark Shinner.

“Our new wire retainers mean this isn’t a problem. With a fast-fit, quarter turn installation, contractors can keep wires neatly integrated. Once they’re in place, they’ll stay in place.”

“We also offer temporary wire retaining fingers to prevent wires from moving during the installation phase itself.”

“Finally, for fixing the ducts themselves to the back of the cabinet, HellermannTyton supplies fixing rivets with a bespoke plunger-style screwdriver. It’s a very fast and simple method of attachment which means that panel builders can get everything they need to insulate and protect cables in control panels within the HelaDuct range.”

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