Pliers wrenches for the professionals | KNIPEX

Pliers wrenches for the professionals | KNIPEX

Pliers wrenches from KNIPEX are ideally suited for the gentle gripping, holding, pressing and bending of workpieces, with each one replacing an entire set of wrenches. Now available as a set of three tools, the practical hard-wearing polyester fabric tool roll protects the set and the hook-and-loop fastener keeps them within easy reach when you are working out on site or in a van.

The KNIPEX Pliers Wrench set (00 19 55 S6) contains three pliers wrenches of different sizes with slim, plastic-coated handles. Like all pliers wrenches from KNIPEX, their smooth, parallel jaws allow firm yet gentle gripping, even when working with chrome.

The Set contains the Mini Pliers Wrench (86 03 125), a mini tool ideal for tight spaces, which grips all widths up to 23 mm and replaces a set of spanners – metric and imperial – and can be adjusted quickly and directly on the component at the push of a button.

The set also features 86 03 180, which caters for all gripping widths up to 40 mm and the 86 03 250 for handling all gripping widths up to 52 mm. Put together these three tools give professionals a great choice of options where the workpiece needs quick and easy tightening and release of all bolted connections.

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These high quality, strong tools are designed to help the user screw, grip, hold, bend and press without damaging edges or sensitive surfaces.

For the electrician, these tools are also perfect for cable glanding.

The 180 mm and 250mm pliers feature two laser-cut scales: metric on the front, imperial on the back. This means that you can set the gripping capacity in advance for workpieces that are more difficult to reach.

The excellent mechanics of the pliers wrench increases the applied manual force ten times, making life so much easier. It holds workpieces securely like a vice and even flat objects can be gripped and processed easily thanks to the high pressing force and the parallel jaws.

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