Powerful, fast drilling, lightweight: Panasonic’s new 18V cordless rotary hammer

Powerful, fast drilling, lightweight: Panasonic’s new 18V cordless rotary hammer

The new cordless rotary hammer EY1HD1 provides 2.1 Joules power with advanced dust control in a compact and lightweight body for professional use

Drilling holes in concrete ceilings can be exhausting. Handling a heavy tool, exposure to concrete dust, and repeatedly working overhead can compromise precision and efficiency.

The all-new cordless 18V rotary hammer EY1HD1 from Panasonic tackles this challenge:

With an actual size of less than an A3 size paper, the overall length of the EY1HD1 is only 357mm, the rotarty hammer is a compact solution for professional use. The ergonomic T-handle body design allows for precise drilling, but thanks to the reduced weight of only 3.35kg, and especially because of the central handle, the EY1HD1 provides superb balance and handling even for single-handed drilling.

Powerful and tough 

A newly developed brushless motor enables the EY1HD1 to provide an impressive 2.1J in high mode and 1.3J in low mode. The high-density brushless motor features a full-time rotation control circuit and delivers speeds from 0 – 950min-1 (high mode) and 0 – 700min-1 (low mode). Combined with a new powerful striking mechanism with an extended stroke length, that is able to provide up to 4.200bpm in high mode and 3,100bpm in low mode, it makes drilling concrete walls and ceilings an easy job.

To ensure a long life, the mechanical parts and the rubberised switch are protected against the ingress of dust. A special gasket seals the drive unit and the hammer system. The rotary hammer also features a temperature sensor to protect the battery and motor from overheating.

Advanced dust control

“The compact and lightweight rotary hammer features a powerful dust collection system (DCS), that relies on an independent motor for maximum drilling and dust collection efficiency”, says Kunihiko Nedachi from Panasonic’s Power Tool department. “And with the integrated HEPA filter, the EY1HD1 protects the user and the environment from concrete dust exposure.” The DCS holds up to 200ml of dust, and a transparent window on the sides indicates the fill level.

More convenience

To improve working with the power tool, the EY1HD1 is equipped with LED lights, a retractable hanging hook for safe storage, e.g., on ladders, and also a quick-release button for the depth gauge.

Kunihiko Nedachi concludes: “Panasonics new cordless rotary hammer was designed for more performance and easy handling in professional environments. The increased performance of the motor and hammer system combined with comprehensive dust protection will benefit the user on a daily basis.

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