Product Test: Armeg Acceler8% Holesaw Set

Product Test: Armeg Acceler8% Holesaw Set

Pete ‘Monty’ Monfort has the need for speed this month as he puts the Armeg Acceler8% holesaw set through its paces.

After recently reading about the launch of Armeg’s Acceler8% holesaw set in PE, I was really excited to learn that the magazine had arranged for me to try out the product in my own time.

My first impression when the set arrived was that it looks really smart, and the bright red finish meant I could always find them when they had slipped out of their side pocket and fallen around in my drill bag.

The speed these things work at is also very impressive; all it takes is a few seconds and a hole is cleanly cut into steel. Additionally, they work equally well on other plastic enclosures. The pilot bit is small enough to simply place it on to sheet steel and drill straight in without it skipping – a big time-saver in itself.

The flared body depth stop is a cracking idea, and this feature was most notable when drilling out a hole in a consumer unit for a 40mm tail gland.  I had previously used a standard 40mm hole saw for this task and, have to admit, that on one occasion I drilled through a consumer unit without paying attention and the holesaw had overshot and damaged the internals. Yes, I was in a rush!

This feature will be particularly useful when drilling into trunking which is full of cables. A carefully placed finger to hold cables down and out the way will be sufficient to ensure the cables are not drilled accidentally.

The internal spring is also really clever at pushing out the small disc of swarf, although I did find after a bit of use that its effectiveness had worn slightly. Despite this the inspection holes in the holesaw meant that it was easy to coax out the swarf with a small screwdriver if it did get stuck. The pilot drill bit fits into a standard driver so is very easy to install into your power tools.

All in all I’d give this new holesaw set a resounding 10 out of 10. It’s a perfect bit of kit, but just make sure you keep a spare pilot bit in case you break one.

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