Product Test: Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-75-UK MFT

Product Test: Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-75-UK MFT

Reece Fitzhardy tests out the ProInstall-75-UK Multifunction Installation Tester from Beha-Amprobe.

When it comes to MFT units, electricians now have more choice than ever with an array of brands and products available to meet our specific needs.

Sitting at the entry level section of the market, the ProInstall-75-UK MFT from Beha-Amprobe, is a nicely built unit that arrived with a nice selection of accessories, including a standard test lead set, fused probes, crocodile clips, a mains lead, extender probes, zero adapter, a manual on CD, test certificate and batteries.

There is also a crib card inside which will remind the operator what the various options are for each test.

The zero adapter shorts out the plug as fitted to the mains lead, with the reading then stored and negated from the tests as necessary. Once it’s zeroed, it will remain through each power off.

Furthermore, the protective red flexible shroud covering the outer shell should provide sufficient protection for even the most rough usage.

So what about the most important aspect – the testing options available?

This product has numerous tests available: voltage/frequency, insulation (250V, 500V and 1,000V), continuity, loop impedance (both L – N and L – PE), either non-RCD trip or two wire high current, RCD and RCD ramp tests, three phase operation and phase rotation.

The voltage and frequency selection, as well as the insulation test with the three available voltages, are self-explanatory, while the continuity selection is available to 2,000 Ω. Impedance (Z) can be tripping (two wire high current) or non-tripping (two or three wire).

Furthermore, a two wire high current test between L-N is also possible, and should not trip RCDs.

A nice safety feature here comes with the fact that the unit warns the user if voltages between the neutral and earth will give a possible false reading.

If a 10mA RCD is under test, there is a ‘work around’ for this, as described in the manual. The RCD tests can be completed in automatic mode, which then takes the extended ‘leg work’ out if the socket happens to be positioned some distance away.

Readings are then temporarily stored for the device under test. The unit is capable of testing different types of RCD, including various currents – types AC and A.

One nice, useful feature if you have a slightly out of spec RCD is the ramp test option, which will determine at exactly what current the device will trip (180 and 0°).

In terms of usability, I found the unit to be very easy to get to grips with, and the bright and clear display screen gives very clear readings for the user.

One slight niggle from my side is the fact that the back light doesn’t illuminate the selector switch. I have set this incorrectly in dim light, so it would help if the switch tip was marked with a bright colour, like orange or yellow.

Secondly, it does not come with a cover. This could mean that screen damage may result from dropped objects – something that I’m sure we’ve all done in the past. An earth extension lead would also be a useful addition to the unit’s selection of accessories.

That said, this is a nice value-for-money unit whose features are more than adequate for the price point. The supplied crocodile clips and remote test lead make it even easier to operate.

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