Product Test: C.K Tools SpiraFLEX Draw Tape

Product Test: C.K Tools SpiraFLEX Draw Tape

For this product review Kev Young of Chichester Electricians gets stuck into the new SpiraFLEX draw tape from C.K Tools.

As luck would have it I was already in the process of looking to replace my worn, kinked and floppy nylon draw tape when the opportunity arose to review the new C.K Tools SpiraFlex draw tape.

Available in 10, 20 and 30m lengths, the SpiraFLEX is well constructed from an advanced polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material with a helical profile. This allows it to glide easily whilst retaining its shape, which is ideal for long conduit runs or for routing cables through trunking, ducts and wall cavities.

The 4mm Ø SpiraFLEX comes in a heavy duty plastic dispenser which makes for easy transportation and storage, and the kind folk at C.K also provided two cable socks and a threaded adaptor to allow me to make use of some accessories from another rod manufacturer as well. As you’d imagine, the draw tapes are also fully compatible with C.K’s own range of MightyRod accessories. As standard it comes with a 150mm flexible end which has a dome tip and a hole so you can thread a stripped wire through it.

With a standard nylon tape you can only get so far with it before it starts kinking as it will tend to snag on the slightest obstacle and can be a bit flimsy. The SpiraFLEX, however, keeps on going whilst you’re pushing it through long runs due to the helical construction that gives it extra strength and minimised snagging. Pulling cables through is also far easier as the SpiraFLEX can take quite a high pull so there’s no danger of the end coming off

I’ve now used the SpiraFLEX on a number of tasks and its proved particularly useful at getting cables under floorboards, through ceilings for lighting installations and even in eaves as the natural curve helps it in the general direction you wish to go. This way of doing things has sometimes proved even quicker than assembling your rods.

All in all I can say that I’ve had a great experience with reviewing this product. Just for the time saving benefits alone it is well with the investment, and one that will be paid back very quickly.

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