Product Test: Engex 3 Part Combination Ladder

Product Test: Engex 3 Part Combination Ladder

Steve Hewish, Approved Electrician at Turrell (Electrical Contractors), has a head for heights this month as he tries the Engex 3 Part Combination Ladder for size.

The Engex 3 Part Combination Ladder is a sturdy, compact fiberglass ladder that can be used as an A-frame or as a long ladder – something that is useful to most electrical professionals and the differing requirements we face on a daily basis.

Its compact size is particularly handy if you have a Transit style van, as you can you fit the ladder inside. In smaller vans you still need to put the ladder in the roof but it doesn’t hang over, which is good to turn to as an everyday use ladder. Even with its compact size you can use the unit for multiple jobs, including high ceilings in domestic premises or commercial/ industrial environments.

As a long ladder you can use it for up to a 3 metre working height or as an A-frame you can use it for jobs just over a 2 metre working height. Once closed it is around 1.7m long, which is only slightly longer than other steps that you might keep on the van.

Because the ladder is constructed from fibreglass electricians can use it on multiple sites, including those with stringent health and safety requirements.

The stabiliser bar at the base of this ladder is a welcome change to other alternatives on the market as even on slightly uneven surfaces you feel safe working from this ladder because the rubberised feet ensure you’re less likely to lose stability.

The only improvements I’d suggest are that the safety clips are quite stiff for the first month of using the ladder, but they do loosen over time. Additionally, I found that the ladder isn’t produced in a longer length, which is a shame as I could see a longer version being very popular.

As it is, I’d recommend you take a look at these if you’re after a new set of steps.

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