Product Test: Engex 700LM Pocket Flood Light

Product Test: Engex 700LM Pocket Flood Light

Steve Hewish is in the hot-seat once more as he reviews the Engex 700LM Pocket Flood Light.

One thing that I’ve been looking to add to my tool kit for quite some time is a small work light that is bright enough to illuminate a large distribution panel, but not so big as to need an extra hand to carry it around.

Step forward Engex’s 700LM Pocket Flood Light – a compact, lightweight and portable work light that is easy to tuck into the side of your tool bag/box.

For a unit of this size, the product boasts a decent charge and run time, with around two hours of use on full power (700 lumens output) and up to 10 hours when in low power mode (100 lumens output). It can also be charged from a USB point, meaning you can charge the unit up when you’re in the van between jobs.

This pocket light offers a 6500K colour temperature and IP65 rating and I found that the spread and power of light, particularly in high power mode, was very impressive.

Another nice feature is the powerful magnet that is built into the base of the product and is ideal for mounting to ceiling grids, panel boards and even to the van when charging up.

This is a cracking little tool that offers flexibility to the end user and boasts power way beyond its size.

Browse the product data sheet here

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