Product Test: ESP’s Rekor IP CCTV kit

Product Test: ESP’s Rekor IP CCTV kit

Reece Hardy is in the product review hot-seat as he tries out the Rekor IP CCTV kit from ESP.

As I’m sure most of PE’s readers will concur, domestic security/CCTV installations have been on the rise considerably since the first lockdown was instructed. With the combination of home owners upgrading their properties alongside a worrying increase in grubby-fingered thieves looking for a quick win, we installers need good quality and reliable security solutions to offer to our customers.

A growing range

One range that I’ve become aware of over the last few years is the ESP Rekor portfolio, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to try out the latest IP CCTV kit from this particular brand. The camera kit comes in a carry away box containing the following items: 1 x control box (NVR) + hard drive, remote and mouse; 1 x PSU (48V) and IEC connecting mains cable; 2 x dome style cameras, 2 x Cat 5/6 leads; quick set-up manual and a few small hardware extras. A set-up wizard will start when first powered up and will guide the user through the initial stages. The hard disk drive (HDD) will also need formatting prior to use. The NVR controller supplied with the kit is capable of handling up to four external cameras and the connections to these is via Cat 5/6 cable, as is the connection to a router (if networked). Once the cameras have been connected and initialised they’ll show up on the selected screen split. Various recording densities can be set (up to a maximum of 4k) and, as my NVR had a 1Gb hard drive, at 1080p and two cameras, the recording time would be approx. two weeks – more than ample. Once all the disk space has been used the drive will then be overwritten.


There are two connectors to each camera: a Cat 5/6 socket and a 12V supply connector for use where no Power over Ethernet (POE) exists. The bullet camera was installed where a previous camera existed and utilised the Cat 5/6 plug/socket enclosed in a shroud. Dependent on your requirements, the camera cable can be extended beyond the 18m provided, by use of standard Cat 5/6 cable and faceplates. The dome cameras may need a little adjustment after installation as no marker for correct orientation was visible. This is relatively easy to sort as one slotted screw is all that releases the clamp.

Fixing of the cameras is achieved by three screws into the facia or any convenient partition. If fully concealed cable operation is the method used, the cable socket will need a full 20mm diameter hole, so therefore cannot be fed through standard 20mm conduit as the Cat 5/6 socket is itself 20mm diameter. I used a cable adaptable (IP56) box for conversion purposes as this was also in an external location. The NVR can be networked by connecting to a router via Cat 5/6 cable. This network connection can then display cameras on multiple cabled or Wi-Fi devices throughout the premises. It can also be subsequently viewed from a remote location using tablet or smart phone.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Rekor IP kit. It’s a good quality product that feels robust and sturdy, is available at an affordable price, and is easy to fit, install and operate. The picture quality and reliability has been excellent and my customer is delighted with the peace of mind that the product has provided to him and his family.

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